Engage has a brand-new look

Same application, new look. Engage got a fresh makeover!

Engage has a brand-new look. If you’re currently using Engage, you’ve probably noticed the updated look and feel already. Not only did the interface receive a colourful transformation, Engage also goes by its own logo and colour palette from now on. With this, we’re making a clear distinction between our company Maplix and our product(s).

Introducing a new Engage branding

Time to give Engage the credit it deserves. The application was given its own branding and recognisability. From now on, you will identify Engage by its bright-green colours and its own logo. Be sure to go ahead and explore the new interface yourself to discover all the awesomeness. 😉

New Engage branding

Not to worry: functionally, the Engage application retains its purpose: adding a spatial dimension to citizen engagement. For those of you who might benefit from a reminder: Engage is a map-based survey tool connecting citizens with planners and researchers, facilitating a bottom-up approach in spatial design accross multiple domains. By providing a simple way for citizens to interact with a map, Engage facilitates the collection of high quality geospatial data, adding a spatial dimension to the process of co-creation and decision-making. Result? A richer and better dataset paving the way for better insights and therefore better decisions.

An example of a map-based survey created with Engage

💡 Curious? Discover Engage’s new interface today and don’t hesitate to send us your feedback or questions.

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Happy mapping!