Maplix Engage

Adding a new dimension to
citizen engagement

Collect high-quality geospatial input from citizens using map based surveys.

Maplix Engage

Shaping the public space
with maps

Maplix Engage gives complex challenges in the public space a new dimension by facilitating citizen engagement using map based surveys.

Citizen Engagement

Digital surveys are the most efficient way to gather information from citizens.

Secure Data Management

Protected data storage and encrypted data transfers, completely GDPR compliant.

Spatial Data Collection

Collect high-quality data from respondents to bring your research to another level.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use and accessible surveys that allow everyone to participate, on any device.

Map based surveys

Let respondents interact
with a map

Collect spatial input from respondents with easy-to-use map based surveys.

Map based surveys

Make your survey
your own

Customize your map based surveys with your own branding and extensive style, logic and map options.

Extensive survey options
Extensive survey options
Built-in reports

Analyze results with
built-in reports

No more analytical overhead. Maps, charts and tables with your survey results are automatically generated for you.

Built-in reports

Put your research on the map

Discover how Maplix Engage can help you to efficiently get an answer to all your where questions.


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