Pricing plans

Maplix Engage

Excl. VAT
  • Publish 2 surveys
  • Add Maplix Maps for €89/mo
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Excl. VAT
  • Publish 5 surveys
  • Add Maplix Maps for €89/mo
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Excl. VAT
  • Publish 10 surveys
  • Add Maplix Maps for €89/mo
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Maplix Engage

Every pricing plan includes

All question options

Use all question types, styles and logic options.

Custom theme

Add your project's branding to your survey.

Multiple languages

Choose from a continuously growing list of languages.

Built-in reports

Analyze results with auto-generated maps, charts and tables.

Export results

Both spatial and regular exports in different formats.

Add own map layers

Upload data to your map to guide respondents.

Maplix Maps

Excl. VAT
  • Publish 10 web maps
  • Add your own or third party datasets
  • All styling options
  • Rule-based filtering
  • Interactive data and legend items
  • Live updates
* When purchased in combination with Maplix Engage. €249/month if purchased separately.
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How long can I use the free trial for Maplix Engage?

You can use a free trial for as long as you want, with all survey features included. You are, however, limited in the fact that you can only edit and preview one survey, and you can't publish it.

What happens after my Maplix Engage plan ends?

All live surveys will be automatically terminated, and it won't be possible to publish any new surveys. You are, however, still able to access the built-in reports and export survey results.

How will I be billed?

You can choose one of the above payment plans for each project you create in Maplix Engage, and select the duration you want for your license (in months). After confirmation, we will send you an email containing the invoice details.

What happens after my Maplix Maps license expires?

All live maps will be automatically terminated, and it won't be possible to create or publish any new maps. Your existing maps will still be accessible to you, but you won't be able to edit them.

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