Maplix Services


Get everything out of your geospatial data with our expert guidance and application development.

We are GIS Experts

We guide you in managing a GIS infrastructure, optimized for your geodata.

We are Geodata Analysts

We help you understand your geodata through expert research and analysis.

We are Application Developers

We build web and mobile applications, fit to your geospatial workflows.

We are Cloud Architects

We make sure your GIS systems are efficient, scalable and performant.


How we can support your business

Grow your business by optimizing all your geospatial workflows.

Application development

Applications for
your geospatial flow

Streamline your geospatial business processes with your own web or mobile applications, built to fit your specific needs.

  • Get an optimized solution for your workflow
  • Scale your data with your business
  • Stand out with a kick-ass UI
Application development

Guidance to gain
smart geodata insights

Our team of GIS experts are ready to lift your geospatial data insights to the next level, by providing expertise in geodata analysis, GIS workflows and cloud infrastructure.

  • Gain insights through geodata analysis
  • Get the best results from your geospatial research
  • Optimize your GIS or cloud infrastructure
Geodata analysis
Geodata analysis

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