Maplix Services

Geodata analysis

Geospatial data analysis

We analyze your geospatial data

With our dedicated team of geospatial engineers and data analysts, we help you combine traditional analytics with location-based information.


Combine various mobility data sources to optimize the transportation flows of your business, city or region.


Optimize your supply chain with integrated geodata platforms to provide your customers with a higher level of service.


Understand the reach of your locations, uncover customer behavior and use geospatial analysis to make better decisions.

Work process

From raw data to robust insights and beautiful visualisations

We can help you gain insights from your spatio-temporal data at any stage of the pipeline.

Raw data

We help you gather, clean, manage and organize your raw geospatial datasets.

Data processing

We use state-of-the-art clustering and machine learning techniques to process your data into the insights you need to make robust decisions.

Map visualisations

We visualize your geodata on beautiful, interactive, intuitive and insightful maps.

Want us to look at your data?

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